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I admit it; I'm attracted to pretty colors and interesting shapes. Throw in a digital camera and a wet spring, suddenly a photo collection appears!  And, for some reason, my husband insisted I share them with others.

These are snapshots of the plant life around me. Wildflowers, weeds, and trees receive my main attention, but a few purchased nursery plants had to be included. Most are from Taylor County, Texas, where I live.  Friends around Texas donated others to broaden the scope of the site.  Their contributions are noted in Blue.

My taste tends toward the tiny surprises tucked below the grass line. A few of these little beauties last only a day. Some are the size of a grain of sand. Others flutter restlessly with the slightest breeze. Of course, we rarely have a day without a 15-20 mile per hour wind. Taking a clear shot of something so fleeting thrills and challenges me no end.

I am not a botanist but have had very good help. Finding names for these plants is a quest in itself. Many are yet to be identified. To the best of my ability, the information given is correct. I want to thank all those who have supported my efforts, especially the keen eye and keying skill of Sonnia Hill, Tyler Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.

If you wish to comment, correct, add to, or inform, I would be glad to hear from you.

Thanks for looking,

        Jo Cox

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Wildflower Thumbnail Index

In this index, I list plants as types. The "Flowers" are generally herbaceous plants that could be in a garden or related to things in a garden. A cactus has beautiful flowers, but one thinks "cactus" first. Vines are grouped together.  Though there are a few exceptions, weeds are vegetation with green or non-showy flowers. Links are provided for plants that fit into multiple categories.

Pink numbers help me keep track of species not yet identified.  If you know what they are, please email me.

Plants by Flower Color or Vegetative Form

Red and Pink Flowers

Daisy-like and Balls    Smartweed

Mallow-like    Lily

Tubes  Phlox   or   Oxalis   or   Pink

Tubes  Four O'clock 2   or   Others

Bilateral Flowers

Legume   or   Dalea

Mint    Gaura 1, 6, 7    Orchid

All Others


Purple and Blue Flowers

Daisy-like    Thistle    Thistle-like    Mallow-like

Tubes 11, 12    Cones & Balls    Vervain   Iris

4 petals  Mustard   or   Coffee


Bilateral Flowers

Legume  Milkvetch 2   or   Breadroot   or   Other

Mint  Horsemint   or   Sage

Mint   Pennyroyal   or   Other

Acanthus    Figwort    Spiderwort    All Others


Yellow and Orange Flowers

Mallow    Flax    Nightshade

Tubes  Primrose   or   Other

Bilateral Legume    Clover   or   Dalea   or   Other

Bilateral   Orchid   or   Fumewart

4 petals   Mustard   or   Other

Daisy & Daisy-like

Round ended petals with round lobes

Sharp ended petals without lobes

Sharp ended petals with pinched lobes

Flat ended petals with round lobes

Flat ended petals with sharp lobes

Narrow petal   Aster   or   Aster-like   or   Dandelion

Few petals   3-4 petals   or   5 petals 15, 16

Cones & Balls    Fuzzy    Goldenrod

Conifer-like leaf   or   Thistle-like leaf


White Flowers

Cone & Spike    Balls    Tubes

Mallow-like    Lily-like

Fuzzy Flowers  Dalea   or   Other

Umbrella-like   Parsley   or   Other

Bilateral  Mint   or   Orchid   or   Other

4 petals    Mustard   or   Coffee

All Others

Daisy & Daisy-like

Wide petals 2      Daisy-like

Narrow petal  Large flowers

Narrow petal  Aster   or   Fleabane


Rainbow of Wild Colors

Indian Paintbrush    Lantana

Purslane 1

Prolific Garden Color

Iris    Rose    Violet & Pansy 2

Canna Lily    Lily

Ornamental Bushes


Vines, Gourds, and Briers

Berry Fruit  Grape 1   or   Bramble Berries

Berry Fruit  Honeysuckle   or   Other

Fluff-ball  Mimosa   or   Other

Bilateral  Legume   or   Other

Gourd     Milkweed     Morning-glory

Weedy Vines and Briers 4     All Others

Prickly Succulents

Nipple Cactus

Barrel & Ribbed Cactus 2

Pencil Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus 5, 10

Succulent Lily  Agave


Most Excellent Weeds

Milkweed    Plantain    Dock

Goosefoot    All Others

The Pigweeds

Amaranth (ground)    Amaranth (tall)

Snakecotton    Tumbleweed

Weedy Daisies

Broomweed, Snakeweed, Gumhead

Horseweed    Ragweed    Marshelder

Old Plainsman   Cudweed    Cocklebur

The Euphorbs

Euphorbia    Sandmat    Croton

Leaf-flower    Copperleaf    All Others


Waves of Grain

Grass, Bamboo, Reed Index 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8

Looks Like Grass, But Its Not

Cattail, Horsetail, Rush, Sedge Index 5


Aquatic Plants

Water Plants      Algae 5      Fern

Moss, Liverworts, Hornworts 1, 6

For grass-like water plants, see
"Waves of Grain" and "Looks Like Grass"


Ancient Plants

Fungus 7    Mold 8, 11, 12

Lichen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Capped Mushrooms

large 4, 7, 8, 11   or   small 1, 2, 3   or   cup 9, 12

Mushrooms with Other Forms

Puffball 5, 6   or   Stinkhorn

Fan 10   or   Jelly

Looks Like Fungus, But Its Not

Not Fungus Flowers 4

Looks Like Fungus, But Its A Bug

These links will take you to the Critter Gallery.
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Gall    Scale Bug


Trees & Shrubs

Oak Index     Walnut Family

Buckthorn Family     Sumac Family

Conifers  Cyprus (Juniper)   or   Pine

Elms  Elm   or   Hackberry

Legumes  Acacia   or   Mimosa   or   Others

Dessert Fruit

Rue Family (citrus)     Mulberry Family (fig) 5

Rose Family (plum, peach) 5     Pomegranate


Willow, Poplar, Cottonwood

Baccharis     Other


Conifer-like     Holly-like 7

Trees  #1 - #2    or   Shrubs  #1 1 - #2

Let the fields and their crops burst forth with joy!
Let the trees of the forest rustle with praise before the Lord!

1 Chronicles 16: 32-33

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