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Violet & Pansy Family

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Violaceae - Violet & Pansy family
Pansy Viola tricolor ssp. hortensis (Viola x wittrockiana)
These are hybrid plants between several species.
Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, March-April 2006

zu 2, violet, HA   zu 2, violet, HA (1)   zu 2, violet, HA (2)   zu 2, violet, HA (3)   zu 2, violet, HA (4)   zu 2, violet, HA (5)

Violaceae - Violet & Pansy family
? Common Name **zu 2** Scientific Name
This bedding plant went wild. It greens up winter dead grass and hides under the grass blades. On moist days, the flowers pop up and sprinkle the lawn with color.
Photos taken in Harris County, Texas, June 2010
(Purchased, invasive)

Carolina Violet, Viola villosa, VZ

I was told the name of this plant by the landowner. The leaves are the correct shape. Hopefully it is a correct identification.

Violaceae - Violet & Pansy family
Carolina Violet Viola villosa
Upper flower petals are mostly purple (no photo). Lower and side petals are white with purple veins, solid purple tips and very hairy towards the center. Leaves and stems are quite fuzzy. Bracts on the peduncle are red and clasp the stem tightly.
Photos taken in Van Zandt County, Texas, November 2006
(Native of east Texas - not listed in Van Zandt)

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