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Oak - Beech Family

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White Oak

White Oak - Evergreen

Red (or Black) Oak

Oak Info

1. There is only one Genus of oak, Quercus, but many species. Taylor county and surrounding area has about a dozen of the more than 50 species native to Texas.
2. Leaves come in a large range of sizes and shapes.= Even on a single tree, the leaves vary and can look like another species. To make identification even more difficult, many species cross-breed easily.
3. The word "shinnery" may be derived fromchêne (French for oak), and not from the size of the plant.
4. The male and female flower parts are produced in separate flowers but on the same tree. Male flowers grow on long clusters called catkins. Female flowers are tiny at the ends of stems.
5. The fruit of oaks are called acorns. They form inside cups with a hard outer shell and a nut inside.

These are the two groups of Oak in Texas

White Oak Group

1. Produce acorns annually.
2. Some nuts sweet, some slightly bitter.
3. Inside of acorn shell is smooth.
4. Leaves have rounded lobes generally without vein point projections.
5. Bark is generally whitish-gray and scaly.
6. Some species are evergreen.

Red (or Black) Oak Group

1. Acorns mature in 18 months.
2. Nuts are bitter.
3. Inside of acorn shell is wooly.
4. Leaves have sharp lobes and vein points project past the leaf margin.
5. Bark is black or dark gray with furrows.
6. Young leaves often have a red tint.

White Oak click for page

Post Oak (Cross Oak) Quercus stellata

Harbison Oak Quercus X harbisonii [stellata X virginiana]

Sand Post Oak (Runner Oak, Drummond Post Oak) Quercus margarettiae (Quercus margaretta, Quercus drummondii)

Shortlobe Oak (Bastard Oak, Bigelow Oak) Quercus sinuata var. breviloba

Havard Shin Oak (Sand Shinnery Oak) Quercus havardii

Burr Oak (Mossy-cup Oak) Quercus macrocarpa

White Oak - Evergreen click for page

Southern Live Oak (Live Oak) Quercus virginiana

Harbison Oak Quercus X harbisonii [virginiana X stellata]

Texas Live Oak (Plateau Live Oak, Scrub Live Oak) Quercus fusiformis

Vasey Shin Oak Quercus vaseyana (Quercus pungens var. vaseyana)

Mohr Shin Oak Quercus mohriana

Red (or Black) Oak click for page

Buckley's Oak Quercus buckleyi (or Quercus texana)

Shumard Oak Quercus shumardii (or Quercus texana)

Texas Red Oak Quercus shumardii var. texana (or Quercus texana)

Southern Red Oak (Spanish Oak) Quercus falcata

Water Oak Quercus nigra

Blackjack Oak Quercus marilandica (Quercus X marilandica [marilandica X shumardii])

Bluejack Oak Quercus incana

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White Oak

White Oak - Evergreen

Red (or Black) Oak

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