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Willow-like - Baccharis

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Asteraceae (Compositae) - Sunflower family
Willow Baccharis Baccharis salicina
Shrubby plant growing 3-12 feet tall with a base 2"-3" wide. No trunk. Limbs about 1/2"-3/4" wide. Flowers are about 3/8" long, white and fuzzy in loose clusters in leaf axils near ends of limbs. Male and female flowers are on different plants. Flowers tan to whitish, in clusters. Seed with tan or white angel. Leaves are 1"-2" long with widely spaced teeth, wider than Baccharis neglecta. Grows in sunny, damp areas.
Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, September 2005
Photos taken in Coleman County, Texas, September 2005

(Native of Texas - Taylor, Brown, Nolan)
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Similar Species

False Willow (Roosevelt Weed, Poverty Weed) Baccharis neglecta
Tall bush to 9 feet tall. Leaves semi-evergreen, 3" long by 1/4" wide. Male and female flowers on separate plants. Female: small green/white flower heads in large clusters to 1 foot long and 8" wide. Tiny seeds with silver angel tufts.

Planted during the 1930's as erosion control. Produce prolific seeds, very invasive. Deep roots drink large amounts of water.  Flammable.  Livestock do not eat.
(Native of Texas - Taylor, Coleman, Brown)

Mule-fat (Seep Willow) Baccharis salicifolia
Thicket forming shrub, 3-10 feet tall. Leaves narrow. Flowers in small terminal clusters.
(Native of Texas - Coke)


Asteraceae (Compositae) - Sunflower family
Eastern Baccharis (Groundsel Tree) Baccharis halimifolia
Male and female flowers are on separate plants. Male flowers are Yellow (resemble Old Plainsman). Female flowers are white, the white pappus (seed hairs) remains attached to the plant for months Lanceolate leaves, upper are smaller and entire, lower are wider (diamond shape) with a few teeth. Shrubby tree is evergreen, 10 feet tall, sometimes 20 feet tall. Likes moist areas and create thickets.
Photos taken in Van Zandt County, Texas, November 2006
(Native of east Texas)

Similar Species

Prairie False Willow (Texas Groundsel-tree) Baccharis texana
Short shrub to 2 feet tall branching from the base. Narrow leaves to 1 1/2" long, smaller toward branch end. Male and female flowers on separate plants. Small flower head. Seed with red-brown angel tufts.
(Native of Texas - Taylor, Callahan, Brown)

Wright's Baccharis (Wright's Groundsel-tree) Baccharis wrightii
Small shrub with woody base, to 30" tall. Branches are greenish. Narrow leaves to 1" long, often leaves will be different sizes and shapes, reduced toward branch end. Terminal flower heads are single or in small clusters. Seed with red or tan angel tufts.
(Native of Texas - Coleman)

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