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There are so many variations of cultivated Iris that I am not going to try to identify species. Within any species, horticulturalist find extreme variations and propagate them for sale. They also hybridize similar species. A rainbow of colors and plant shapes have been produced.

Wild Iris (Beardless Iris, Louisiana iris, Blue Flags)

family Iridaceae - genus Iris
These are mostly native to North America with a few from Texas.
Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, March-April 2007

wild iris, lavender (1)   wild iris, lavender (3)   wild iris, purple yellow (2)   wild iris, purple yellow (4)

Bearded Iris (the larger irises with beards)

family Iridaceae - genus Iris
It is believed that most, if not all, the Bearded Iris' originated from the German Iris, Iris germanica, which is thought native to Europe.
Below are some iris' from the McMurry University Garden, Abilene Texas. A building now sits on this site.
Photos taken in Taylor County, Texas, April 2005

Iris, MM, purple (1)   Iris, MM, yellow, dark (2)   Iris, MM, maroon   Iris, MM, white, frill (1)   Iris, MM, peach B   Iris, MM, purple, lighter   Iris, MM, yellow white (1)   Iris, MM, white purple (1)   Iris, MM, peach A   Iris, MM, purple B (1)   Iris, MM, yellow, light   Iris, MM, purple B   Iris, MM, orange red   Iris, MM, purple white (1)   Iris, MM, gold   Iris, MM, blue, light (3)   Iris, MM, magenta yellow (1)   Iris, MM, purple (2)

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