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Berry Vines - Bramble Berries of the Rose Family

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The bramble berries are the Blackberries, Dewberries, and Raspberries. These plants belong to the Rose Family so share the common trait of being covered in prickles and spines. Their flowers are similar to fruit trees in the Rose Family, five petals, white or pink. Their fruit is an aggregate of drupelets.

People have cultivated the species for thousands of years. The result is hundreds of species in the genus Rubus covering the temperate continents. Only a few are native to Texas and most of those live east or south of my area where there is more water.

Falling Dewberry, Rubus apogaeus, KO (1)   Falling Dewberry, Rubus apogaeus, KO

Rosaceae - Rose family
possibly   Falling Dewberry Rubus apogaeus
5 leaflets, serrated edge. Stem has long narrow thorns. Prostrate vine.
Photos taken in Smith County, Texas, November 2006
(Native of east Texas - Brown)

Garden Dewberry, Rubus aboriginum, VZ

Rosaceae - Rose family
possibly   Garden Dewberry (Aboriginal Dewberry) Rubus aboriginum
Flowers have five white petals, up to 1" wide. Black aggregate drupes (like blackberry) are 1/2" wide. 3-5 leaflets, double-serrated edges, petioles have many prickles. Stem is very thorny with short hooked prickles. Prostrate vine which can root from the tip.
Photos taken in Van Zandt County, Texas, November 2006
(Native of Texas, east & central - not listed in my area)

Other Species in My Area

Oklahoma Blackberry Rubus oklahomus
(Native of central Texas - Coleman)

Southern Dewberry Rubus trivialis
(Native of Texas, east & central - Brown)

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