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Devonian Fossil Gallery - Brachiopod

Brachiopoda, Articulata, Rhynchonellida

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Fossil identification by Jo Cox unless otherwise noted




Pugnax sp.

Period: Devonian

Stage: Frasnian

Formation: Lime Creek

Member: Cerro Gordo

Location: Bird Hill, north central Iowa

Collection: Jo Cox

Size: 15 mm tall (left)

Identification: Charles Newsom, U. of Iowa

Pugnax sp 1a.jpg (84184 bytes)   Pugnax sp 1b.jpg (121450 bytes)

Pugnax sp 1c.jpg (82997 bytes)   Pugnax sp 1g.jpg (81950 bytes)

Pugnax sp 1e.jpg (82090 bytes)   Pugnax sp 1f.jpg (74467 bytes)

2 specimens

Description: convexi-concave --- Surface is very plain. Pedicle valve has 3 main radial ribs starting mid-valve and 3 minor side ribs.  Brachial valve has 3 main radial ribs starting mid-valve, which are not pronounced, and 3 minor side ribs, which only break the edge. Larger specimen is crushed inward on left side of Brachial valve. Shorter specimen's anterior edge has been rubbed off and most of shell is missing.


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