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Devonian Fossil Gallery - Brachiopod

Brachiopoda, Articulata, Orthida

(Phylum, Class, Order)

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Fossil identification by Jo Cox unless otherwise noted




Schizophoria resupinoides

Period: Devonian

Stage: Frasnian

Formation: Lime Creek

Member: Cerro Gordo

Location: Bird Hill, north central Iowa

Collection: Jo Cox

Size: 21 mm wide

Identification: Charles Newsom, U. of Iowa

Schizophoria resupinoides 1a.jpg (138241 bytes)   Schizophoria resupinoides 1b.jpg (225543 bytes)   Schizophoria resupinoides 1c.jpg (147125 bytes)

Description: biconvex, fine even radial ribs, fine growth lines --- wide shallow sulcus on flattish brachial valve --- pedicle valve has curved notch on anterior edge --- triangular interarea and hinge narrow --- wider than long


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