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Owlet Moths

order Lepidoptera - family Noctuidae

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subfamily Agaristinae (Forester Moths)

Wilson's Wood-nymph Moth Xerociris wilsonii

Photo taken in Taylor County, May 2007

Moth: 3/4" long

Caterpillar: 1 1/2"-2" long.  Black with thin white rings and dark red dots on side (can be orange when young).  Silky sheen.  4 pair tentacles at head, 1 pair on rump.

Pupa: 3/4"-1" long.  Reddish brown.

Cocoon: branch scrapings to make wood pulp lump.




subfamily Acontiinae

Exposed Bird Dropping Moth Acontia aprica

Photo taken in Taylor County, August 2008

Moth: 3/4" long





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