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Miscellaneous Moths

order Lepidoptera

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family Yponomeutidae (Ermine Moths)

subfamily Attevinae (Tropical Ermine Moths)

Ailanthus Web Worm Atteva punctella

Native of South Florida and American tropics.  Spread through USA and Canada with the introduction of the temperate growing Tree-of-Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) from China which is now considered an invasive plant.

Photo taken in Taylor County, October 2006


Moth: less than 1/2" long.  Sips flowers of many plants.  Migrates.

Caterpillar: Red head, brown body with sparce white hairs.  Light greenish-brown stripe down the back, several white and green stripes on sides.  Feeds on Tree-of-Heaven.  Producing web nests between leaves.




family Geometridae (Geometrid Moths)

subfamily Sterrhinae, tribe Cosymbiini

Common Tan Wave Pleuroprucha insulsaria

Photo taken in Taylor County, June 2007

Moth: 3/4" wide

Caterpillar: feeds on many plants






family Crambidae (Crambid Snout Moths)

subfamily Pyraustinae, tribe Spilomelini

Melonworm Moth Diaphania hyalinata

The white part of wings are translucent.  The "growth" at the base of tail is part of the moth, not a fungus.

Photo taken in Taylor County, October 2008

Moth: 1" wide

Caterpillar: feeds on melons



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