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Wasp - Miscellaneous

order Hymenoptera

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Chrysididae - Cuckoo Wasps family      Chrysidinae - subfamily

Cuckoo Wasp  Chrysis angolensis

Body about 3/8" long.

These wasps prey on the larvae and spiders within Mud Dauber nests.

Photo taken in Taylor County, July 2007

(Native of Texas)




? family

? Common Name ** zi 4 ** Scientific Name

Body about 1/2" long.

Photo taken in Taylor County, May 2004

(Native of Texas)

Hunting Similar Species

Tiphiidae - Tiphiid Wasp family

? Common Name Myzinum sp.


Vespidae - True Wasp family      Masarinae - Pollen Wasps subfamily

Pseudomasaris sp.





? subfamily

? Common Name **zi 5** Scientific Name

Body about 1" long.

Photo taken in Van Zandt County, November 2006

(Native of Texas)



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