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order Hymenoptera      superfamily Apoidea      family Apidae

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Honey Bee Apis mellifera

Body about 1/2" long.

Photo taken in Taylor County, August - September 2004

(Introduced, domesticated)





Xylocopinae - Carpenter Bee subfamily

Eastern Carpenter Bee (Atlantic Coast Bumblebee) Xylocopa virginica texana

Body about 1 1/2" long.

Very large with large eyes.  Looks very similar to Bumble Bees but the top of the abdomen is hairless and no yellow stripe.  They do not have pollen baskets on their hind legs.  Females have large jaws to dig tunnels into soft wood (your house) to make a nest and stingers but only use them to protect themselves.  Males have a white patch on their head, smaller jaws, and are aggressive but have no stinger.

Photo on Desert Willow taken in Brown County, July 2005

Photo on Antelope Horns taken in Taylor County, August 2005

(Native of Texas)

Similar Species

Bombini - Bumble Bee tribe

Bumble Bee Bombus sp.





Xylocopinae - Carpenter Bee subfamily

Small Carpenter Bee Ceratina sp.

Body about 1/4" long.

Photo taken in Taylor County, April 2004

(Native of Texas)


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