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Creation's Parables : Genesis 1

Evolution: God's Sculpting Tool

By Jo Helen Cox


Without perfectionism, Genesis One describes evolution.  God started with the Big Bang.  He used it to form the universe, the Earth, and life.  With it, the human lineage became His image.

The poet had no clue his words would outline evolution, yet they did.  That is divine inspiration.


All the life forms mentioned are generalized, even “human kind.”  Not one passage stipulates a species or even a Genus.  All are large generalized groupings: Families, Orders, and Kingdoms.  (Genesis 2 is the same, except for two trees and two humans.)

Generalization is unique among ancient creation stories.  The nonspecific word “kind” encapsulates evolutionary lineage with no time or species left out.  Each grouping includes all life that existed at the time of writing and all that came before.  Any interpretation that includes more than generalizations for plants or animals reads tradition into the text.

“Kind” means “lineage,” and lineage changes kind.

If God is in control, He invented and used evolution to fill Earth with a myriad of “kinds.”  Each generation is slightly different from its predecessors.  If a population separates or the environment changes, differences accumulate.  The less alike any two lineages become, the less likely a viable birth occurs, until differing “kinds” no longer conceive.  This lets a myriad of forms develop that no longer resembled each other or their distant forebears.  However, some ancient lines remain to this day with very little change.  Through His infinite wisdom, God sustained “fossils” in living forms.  Without them, we could not imagine such alien organisms.

The Creator also provided evidence of previous forms in every individual’s genes.  Fossils and living animals proclaim the same story of genetic lineage.  Not one plant or animal studied testifies against this revelation.

We trace each lineage through many shapes, which branched to produce cousin forms.  All link back to a first creature.  First life came from the minerals abundant on Earth and throughout the universe.  That lineage of mineral takes us back to the beginning.  Our God wants us to know.  Creation is one, as its Creator is one.



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