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by Tom Cox

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We also offer polycarbonate Jo staffs, hanbo staffs, and escrimas.

Please contact me -- See below for more information.


Mook Jong (Wooden Man)

mj5mod.jpg (47275 bytes)

Use: Strength, speed, and agility training.

Material: This Wing Chun Mook Jong Training Dummy or Wooden Man is made with Texas Juniper and has a rope wrapped striking area at the head.  The body is not perfectly round from top to bottom due to the original shape of the Juniper tree.  The arms and leg are through mortised into the body and are carved from the same tree as the body. The entire dummy is coated with a spar polyurethane varnish and is suitable for outdoor (or indoor) mounting.

Size: "Body" height is 58 inches.   Diameter varies from 8 inches to 6 1/2 inches.  Three 16 inches long "arms" are tapered from 2 1/2 inch diameter to 2 inch diameter.  Bent "leg" tapers from 3 inch diameter at body to 2 inch diameter at "toe".  Body to "knee" - 10 inches,  knee to toe - 13 inches, body to toe - 20 inches.

Notes: The arms and leg are retained with wooden dowel pins and are easily removed.

Mounting Structure: NOT INCLUDED. Easy instructions on making your own structure are provided.  If you require a mounting structure or a custom stand for the dummy, please contact me.

If you desire a Mook Jong made to your specifications, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Price: $600

***   Plans to Build Your Own Tire Dummy   ***

a cheap alternative to a wooden man



Rubber Knives and Guns

rubberweapons.jpg (36756 bytes)

Use: Defensive training with a partner.  No hard or sharp points.  Safe, soft rubber silhouettes in your choice of weaponry.

Material: Soft PVC Rubber.  The material is a light brown but can be painted any color.

Size: Per your specifications, silhouettes of small to large frame "handguns" and up to 14" long "knives".

Notes: The material is too soft for long knives or swords.  Reinforcement reduces the safety factor and is thus not recommended.

Additional features and details may be added as desired.  Please contact me to discuss your exact needs.  Check local laws before ordering and or carrying.

Price: Starting at $5.00

Sorry, by law, we can not ship these items to CA, HI, MA, NJ, NY or WI.


Soft Cane

softcane 1.jpg (32397 bytes)

Use: Defensive training with a partner.  Give and take strikes that are bearable.

Material: Molded PVC pipe.  Shaft and tip is padded in replaceable urethane foam.

Length: Typically 34" from tip to top of crook.  We will cut to your specified length at no extra charge.

Weight: Less then a pound.

Notes: The crook is not padded in order to provide a secure grip.

Price: $35.00


Heavy Cane

HeavyCane.JPG (34329 bytes)

Use: Strength training.

Material: 3/4" diameter solid steel rod.  The canes shown are color hardened but are also available "in the white".

Length: Typically 35" from tip to top of crook.  We will cut to your specified length at no extra charge.

Weight: Five to six pounds, depending on length.

Notes: The mass forces you to make smooth, steady motions (strikes and blocks).  The added weight is also good for strengthening your shoulder, arm, and grip.

See our Martial Arts Links for instruction in the use of the cane.

Price: $25.00

DO NOT use this cane for paired practice!  It will hurt your partner!

For strength training only.

Do not use against wooden, or aluminum canes; a strike will cause damage.

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