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Animalia, Chordata, Vertebrata, Cotylosauria

(Kingdom, Phylum, Subphylum, Class)

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Reptiliomorpha, Diadectomorpha, Diadectidae

(Superorder, Order, Family)

Diadectes sp.

Period: Vale formation, Clear Fork group, lower Permian

Location: south of Abilene Texas

Collection: Jo Cox & Judie Ostlien

Collected by: Jo Cox, Judie Ostlien, & Family

Date found: November 27, 1997

Nickname: specimen #1 is Spot, specimen #2 is Job

Partial Identification by : Dr. Louis Jacobs,

Dr. Wann Langston, Dr. Stuart Sumida

Size: ~ 152 cm long

Diadectid - Spot.jpg (121091 bytes)

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Diadectes means "The ancestor"

Diadectes absitus

Diadectes maximus

Diadectes tenuitectus

Diadectes sp.

Period: Permian

Location: Germany

Collection: Photo by Dr. Robert Reisz

Size: ~ 92 cm long

baby Diadectid.jpg (139905 bytes)

Description: baby


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