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Paleozoic Fossil Gallery - Ammonoid

Mollusca, Cephalopoda, Ammonitida

(Phylum, Class, Order)

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Fossil identification by Jo Cox unless otherwise noted


Goniatites multiliratus

Period: Mississippian

Location: Caney shale, near Ada, Oklahoma

Collection: Abilene Christian University Natural History Collection

Size: 41 mm Dia.

Goniatites multiliratus 1a.jpg (87448 bytes)   Goniatites multiliratus 1b.jpg (96759 bytes)   Goniatites multiliratus 1c.jpg (84926 bytes)

Description: This genus is found world wide


Diabolceras sp.

Period: Pennsylvanian

Location: near Mannsville, Oklahoma

Collection: Hardin-Simmons University

Size: 27 mm Dia.

Diaboloceras sp - OK.jpg (99734 bytes)

Description: triangular whirl


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