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Perching Birds - Blackbird

order Passeriformes - family Icteridae (Jaundice Bird)

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This family of birds have black plumage, often with yellow, orange, or red markings.  They are natives of the Americas.



Red Winged Blackbird Agelaius phoeniceus

These birds fly in large groups.  Males are black with a patch of red & yellow under their wing.  The females are brown.

Photos taken in Taylor County, May 2006

(Native of Texas)




Juvenile, the mother was feeding it.


Brewer's Blackbird Euphagus cyanocephalus

Medium sized black bird.  Male solid black with yellow eye.  Female dark gray or brownish with black eye.

Male resembles a Grackle but with a short tail.

Photos taken in Taylor County, June 2009

(Native of Texas)


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